Trinnov Altitude Roon Interface

I am looking at getting a Trinnov Altitude 16 (or 32) to replace my Meridian 861v8. Was wondering if anyone can tell me is the Roon interface multi-channel? I have albums that are 192Khz, 24 bit, 5.1 channel and would hope to play them through the Altitude’s Roon interface.

Also, for those of you that have an Altitude how is the sound quality when playing music? I listen to my music using the Trifield dsp on my 861 and have become spoiled. Listening in plain stereo just doesn’t sound as good. That’s the only thing that I am a little worried about in making the switch.


Old post, but still - multichannel works fine using the Altitude as Roon endpoint. Note that the Altitude16 does not support 192kHz at all (max is 96kHz). To get 192khz you need the Altitude32. Keep in mind that all other surround processors (with some very rare exceptions) will internally downmix everything to 48kHz; regardless what their specifications try to indicate.

John, have you switched to Trinnov ? Gunnar, had you listen yourself to MCh music, and what is the source?Roon, or a DVD(A) player, with 4xRCA or HDMI .? Iam maybe will buy a Trinnov Altitude 32, i want to stream with it.My plan is to rip my MCh DVDA , store i, play it.
But which ripping sw i should have and can then stream that ripped MCh files through the AL32 ? Gunnar, have you knowledge/experiences here ?

I play everything through Roon (copy from CD, SACD, DVD-A and even blu-ray). I have also tested a bit Atmos from Tidal (via Apple TV 4K). But Tidal Atmos is in my opinion not good.

Altitude is Roon Ready, so no everything is optimal regarding Roon playback (you don’t need a source, only Roon Core).

Both Trinnov Altitude16 and Altitude32 are fully Roon Ready, and you can stream both stereo and multichannel directly to the Altitude. No need for a separate streamer, you only need Roon and the Altitude :slight_smile:

Ripping software, google knows :slight_smile: For normal CDs you can connected a USB cd/dvd/blu-ray to the Roon ROCK or Nucleus. Not sure how this works if you run Roon core on Windows/Mac/Linux.

Thanks Gunnar :-)) I had the Trinnov Amethyst and was VERY satisfied with the sound and streamed only with the Amethyst and Roon-very good.Better in my ears as with my Meridian, Now i want to do the same with the AL32, but additional MCh music as i have 7 speaker5s in my room and played only with two the last months…

Thanks once again Tor_Gunnar_Berland.
Meanwhile i have counted my money and have now an Trinnov Altitude32 with 16 channels and all codecs :-)) I have uploaded some MCh files from the 2L Label in norway on my PC on the HD .I try to listen to 96/24 5.1 discrete flac files with my Altitude32 . Its working perfect.
But, as ROON have an option to play mono/Stereo contents also as 5.1 or 7.1 MCh music,
i want to try that.I edit that in the (advanced) device manager in my Altitude32 source, but still getting only 2 channels out. So, as the Altitude32 can play MCh sources, i suspect that ROON doesnt make the “upmix” from stereo music to 5.1 or 7.1 music. Have you or anybody the same experience ?
What do i make wrong ?

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You are correct. Roon does downmixing when necessary but does not do upmixing. You may be trying to use the Send stereo/mono content as 7.1 switch. However, as you can see from the below from the Roon forum, all this does is send stereo to L/R channels and sends silence to all other channels. It doesn’t do any remapping.

If you want to upmix stereo to 5.1 or 7.1 or even more, use the Upmix on Native feature in the Trinnov.

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Thanks Karl, so its a " non working feature " ;-)) With the Trinnov and stereo music i tryied different upmixes, Auro-3D sound as best for me, but iam just in the start phase to improve all …

I think most people in the Trinnov community forums would agree with you that Auro-3D is the best upmix for music. After all, music is what Auro-3D was developed for.

I actually don’t like Auromatic (Auro3D) upmix of stereo. I prefer playback of stereo content without any upmix, but I have to agree that the Auro3D upmix (Auromatic) is best for music, Dolby Surround upmix or Neural:X are really bad for upmixing music in stereo.

This is just my opinion, people should select whatever they prefer at home :slight_smile:

Native Auro3D music on the other hand is pure magic! :slight_smile:

Hello Tor,is there some specific what you dont like with Auro3D upmixes or specific music genres or ?