Trinnov Amethyst - pre Roon-ready implementation

I plan to try Roon when my Trinnov Amethyst becomes “Roon ready” next year. If I install Roon in my system now, will it play music on the Amethyst before it is Roon ready? How will the configuration change when the Amethyst is updated with the Roon software? I currently use JRiver as a UPnP/DLNA server installed on a Mac Mini that is connected to the Amethyst as a renderer via Ethernet and plays music files stored on a NAS also connected via Ethernet.

Hi Gabriel,

Roon Ready integration will expand the Amethyst’s Ethernet and WiFi capability to include RAAT as well as UPnP/DLNA. That will enable you to connect directly to the Amethyst as a Network zone in Roon, in the same way that you currently connect from JRiver by UPnP/DLNA.

Before Roon Ready integration, you can still play music from Roon through the Amethyst by:

  • direct SPDIF or Toslink connection from the Mac Mini; or

  • adding an inexpensive Ethernet to SPDIF/Toslink device running Roon Bridge. A Raspberry Pi with an SPDIF HAT or a CuBox, for example. You’ll find threads about them on this Forum.

You may find the Roon Knowledge Base a helpful resource, but don’t hesitate to ask questions on the Forum either.

Trinnov said Amethyst will be RoonReady by July 2017. Users will be informed, said Trinnov.
We‘ll see…

Any news regarding this update?

Yes, just got the “ROON Ready” application on my Amethyst.
Looks and sound interesting, just have it some minutes, to less time to tell more.

Yes, we are now doing the software updates that enable support for RAAT and make our Amethyst and Altitude products Roon Ready.

The software update is a rather large one and usually takes about 20 minutes (depending partly on the speed of your internet connection). None of your existing measurements or settings will be affected. We simply have to work out a time when you won’t be using the unit and can leave it on and connected to the internet.

Is it possible to use Roon, HQPlayer, and the Amethyst together?
The thought is to have HQPlayer feed an upsampled file to the Amethyst. Then have the Amethyst do the Room correction and DAC?

Hi Nicoff,

I have yet to try HQPlayer myself, but our lead software guy for the Amethyst and Roon in general says he sees no reason why it wouldn’t work as long as the HQ Player sends a PCM file to the Amethyst (up to 24/192).

Thank you for the reply. That is valuable information to know. Thank you!