Trinnov Network instead RoonReady

My system consits of four different zones.

Meridian with ID40
Meridian with 218
Trinnov Amethyst
PC with W10(64bit) and a Asus Xonar SE soundcard(opt.out)
The core is 4) and the remote is a ipad A1474
All zones wired with cables to one switch >> Fritzbox 7490 >>> Modem/Router (in cellar) >> cable to internet provider
The ipad go wireless to the fritzbox.
Before there was no soundcard installed and running the previous ROON sw.
Now the soundcard is installed and ROON 1.6.
Beside my other post“slow on core,fast on remote“
that issues appear when i choose the Trinnov Amethyst zone:

A)Stream with „RoonReady“ network display is selectable, but no sound at all.
B)Its selectable and play for a certain time or
C)play stable
When i check the Roon and Trinnov menues, everything except that have not changed.
Shouldnt the Trinnov Amethyst (not Altitude) show RoonReady so MQA streams get also the first unfold ?

Thanks Robert from Austria

Hello @RobertW,

Thanks for contacting us with your questions.

From what I can find in the manual, the Trinnov Amethyst is not an MQA decoder so Roon will be the only place where MQA unfolding happens and this will show up as “Roon Core Decoder” in the Signal Path information.

The Trinnov however is a Roon Ready product so it should show up as such in the signal path. If you’re seeing otherwise, can you please post a screenshot of your Signal Path? You can use these instructions to upload screenshots to this site.

Also, just to make sure I understand you clearly here:

Does this indicate that sometimes the Trinnov is working as expected and sometimes it is not? On the same input and everything else being constant? I could use some clarification on this point.


Hello Noris,

thanks for the fast reaction even on sunday !!
Enclosed are two “signal path” screenshots of a regular cd.
The Trinnov is there, but not reported as “Roon ready” device.
Sorry i don’t know, if that was all the time.
The next two pictures show the sources menu from Trinnov, one with “network” and one with “Roon ready” display. I guess, it was running before on “Roon ready”, but not sure about that-sorry once more… Anyway now i can select “Roon-ready” but then i have no music.
So i suspect when its not “Roon-ready” also the first MQA decoding from Roon shouldn’t work ?
But the “signal path” show a difference with a MQA source is playing ,when the “enable MQA core decoder” is enabled or not in the device setup-so it should work as the “signal path” telling the truth ?
So coming to my conclusion that the display should tell “Roon-reasy” and not “network” ?
Is that a question for Roon or Trinnov or both ?
Thanks Robert

Hello @RobertW,

  1. The Trinnov Amethyst is a “Roon Ready” device. This means that when playing to the Trinnov Amethyst over the network using Roon, you are getting the highest quality possible. Since you are using the ethernet connection to the Trinnov, you are using the “Roon Ready” functionality correctly. When playback starts from Roon, the device should automatically switch to the “Roon Ready” input.

  2. I believe the reason why some music isn’t playing correctly on your device is due to the fact that you have a master clock set to 88.2kHz. Many MQA files start off as 24bit 48kHz which is then unfolded to 24bit 96kHz by Roon’s MQA Core Decoder. In order to get the files to play on your device with an 88.2kHz master clock, you would have to resample the content to 88.2kHz for playback to work.

  3. Unless you have a reason to be using a locked 88.2kHz master clock, I would recommend setting the clock on the Trinnov to “slave”. This will allow the Trinnov to detect the sample rate of the incoming stream and change its clock setting to match.

  4. If you do have a reason to use the 88.2kHz master clock, you can use Roon’s DSP Sample Rate Conversion feature to resample all content to this rate. Open the DSP screen from the volume control pop-up, enable “Sample Rate Conversion”, and then set the configuration to custom. Here you can manually resample all content to 88.2kHz.


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Hello john,

thanks a lot for your infos.
I have already installed customized the “sample rate conversion”.There are some reason here or that.
One reason is that refer to M- the up sampling should better appear in the beginning of the musical chain". So as the Trinnov feeds the digital input speakers and follow the above statement, the Trinnov should deliver a (possible) upsample for the speaker to get a higher sample rate.But that is not possible for every stream, as the speaker input itself are limited to 96/24. So its only fine for 44 and 48 kHz sample rates.
Another issue is, that the Trinnov do(cant) upsample/downsample at all. That i found out now ,there are some sync problems seems to be, as the setup for the trinnov instructions is not clear and misleading.I will check that out before you have to work maybe on an issue, what is not ROON related.
Anyway, i have some question:
1)In the “device setup” for a music zone, under “advanced” you can limit(?) the “max sample rate” ?
Does that overrule the adjustment in the “DSP”(also device setup") in “sample rate conversation” where there or not ?
2)All that questions are now related to "DSP under “sample rate conversation”:
I understand that adjustments as
“sample rate conversation” >>“for compatibility only” — the sample rate get only change when its too high for the following device ?
“max PCM rate” is different to 1) above, as it ALWAYS sample to that sample rate ?
“Max PCM rate(power of 2)” do ?? means double the input rate but then ist limited or not or…??
“custom” is clear :-))
Reason for all that is, that i want to avoid that the digital speakers(or the Trinnov output) exceeds 96kHz, but still get the highest sample rates as possible for NON MQA.
To made MQA properly working, no up sampling from other side as ROON have to be appear,
i learned that from your infos.
Is that all correct,please tell me that so i can continue searching for the issues here and not starting with a wrong conclusion.

Regarding to the possible sync problems from Trinnov, it is possible that the Roon always have muted stream, so when the Trinnov switch sources that also have diffenerent SR, the new sync starts from from the previous sync and not from “nothing”.That “nothing” appear when the previous music ends, and a break appear.So no stream, no sync,and then the Trinnov get out of sync and switch the inputs to find maybe a sync.If Roon always provide a “blank/mutes” stream, that could not happen.
I guess, that would also help other devices/manufacturers to get out of sync.Of coarse, your current sync “delay” help here,but have a steady stream avoid that problem at all.
Thanks Robert

Hi @RobertW,

The Device Setup information will override the DSP settings you have, so setting a max sample rate of 96kHz in Device Setup will limit your Trinnov to just that max sample rate. General information about the DSP Engine can be found here.

To ensure that all of your tracks are upsampled to 96kHz (the limit you set in device setup), I would use “Max PCM Rate” in Sample Rate Conversion. Max PCM power of 2 upsamples the content to the closest double sample rate, for example if you have a 44.1kHz track and apply the following:

Max PCM Rate -> Would be sent as 96kHz
Max PCM Rate (power of 2) -> Would be sent as 88.2kHz

For Compatibility Only tells Roon to perform the minimal amount of sample rate conversion to get to the max PCM rate, so if you are playing a 192kHz track and have for compatibility only with the same 96kHz limit, then Roon will downsample to 96kHz before outputting to the DAC.

I would recommend making the change John suggested and setting your Trinnov to “slave” mode so that it is able to accept different sample rates, or if you are having issues with that method, then set it to 96kHz clock and have the Trinnov advanced setup set to 96kHz max sample rate and enable “Max PCM Rate” (not power of 2) in Sample Rate Conversion settings.


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