Trivia Question

[Does not require support, but is metadata related.] In the musical context, what is a “leader”, e.g.,

First chair? Just curious.

First Violin.

Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. I think roon’s credit role model is really geared to the common use case of large orchestral pieces.

  1. With a large scale orchestral piece with a dedicated Conductor most would probably consider the “Leader” the 1st violin. But even with this there is already a level of ambiguity. Roon has 14 “Leader” roles but with this “Performer” use case, which of these 3 roon Performer Leader roles is correct?

    Leader [Orchestra]
    Orchestra Leader

With smaller ensemble pieces with no dedicated Conductor things are less clear because roon has no “Conductor” Leader role.

  1. It can be that the 1st Violin (Leader) assumes the Conductor role from his seat. But roon has no “Conductor” Leader role.

  2. A similar problem arises with smaller period instrument ensembles where the Leader also assumes the Conductor role. But often this is not 1st Violin. Jordi Savall on Viola da Gamba comes to mind.

  3. There is also another concept of Orchestra Leader depending on the constitution of the Orchestra, where the Leader of the orchestra is a more operational than performer role (Production?). More like a works council leader representing the interests of the Orchestra members or maybe even the casting vote on the appointment of a Conductor. There is no “Orchestra Leader” role in this sense either.

There are probably other cases. Personally I am most interested in 3) and would prefer more granularity and flexibility there. It is already the case that roon has started the process of being more granular and “smarter” in the way in which the various Composer roles are handled. It would be nice to see similar attention to the various “Conductor” roles.