Trouble Accessing Music on Thumb Drive

First post My apologies if I’m asking in the wrong place.
Mytek Brooklyn Bridge w/ current firmware
Roon Core is on my laptop
Tidal Streams Perfectly
Wifi Network

Does anyone know the direction I would take to find the flac music I’ve placed on the thumb drive which is connected to the back of my Mytek? Ultimately, I’d like to connect a larger SSD drive, but I understand that they are sometimes unrecognizable due to their size. So, I thought I’d start with the Thumb Drive.

Any newbie guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

I would put the drive in your laptop.
If it’s even accessible there, which I don’t know, roon will read the track from the bridge across to the core then back to the bridge for playback. Not good across WiFi. :slight_smile:

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Exactly, drives with music should be connected to your core device.

Thank you Ged & Jim
Yes, it does play directly from Windows 10 laptop and I can say that my ears cannot detect a difference when compared with Tidal Master via Wifi. From what I’ve been reading, I’ve gathered a more desirable route would be to have a core / server directly connected via the Mytek Proprietary USB 2.0 connection. I just thought the BB would also act as a server in the case of connecting to the USB-A port with the Thumb Drive

The Brooklyn Bridge is a streamer-DAC-Pre-amp. It is not a computer running the Roon core software.

Thank you very much. It reminds me of something a client once said to me, " I know I love it! I just don’t know why." I appreciate your clarification. The fog is lifting.

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