Trouble accessing QNAP core [Resolved]

Seemingly unrelated to any change (that I know of), I now cannot access my Core from any remote. When I start a Mac remote I get prompted with

and when I click “connect” for what looks like a healthy core I get

Please let me know what additional details will be helpful in troubleshooting. I am going to attempt a re-install of the remote on my mac

Have you tried clicking Unauthorize and reconnecting?

I’m worried about trying that as I’m not sure how I will “re-authorize” the QNAP core if something has gone wrong with it. I’m going to wait for some guidance from the QNAP core author - he seems pretty great about following these threads. But if nothing I will try that later today. Thanks for the suggestion.

You can authorize and unauthorize as much as you like – you can do no harm with it.

You’ll probably be able to reconnect just fine after unauthorizing.

well look at that - I hit “unauthorize” and did nothing else and everything works