Trouble adding files and playlists to Roon on Mac mini (ref#57D85R)

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Using a Mac mini as server. was able to get a path to my Apple Music folder and got initial setup done. what I’m having trouble with are 2 things. #1. Adding files to Roon. I download them to my Mac mini and do a refresh(doesn’t show up) Also, having a world of trouble understanding how to get playlist on Roon. I’ve attempted several times to follow your directions, but they seem to not make sense. could you please give me directions for this.

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Roon Server Specifications

Mac mini Latest model 4Ram, connected drives are a Le Cie Hard Drive(houses my Apple Music app)

Connected Audio Devices

NAD T 778 to Mac Mini via hdmi to Le Cie hard drive. Everything (devices) are working fine. Am able to use apps on laptop, iPhone, and iPads with no problem.

Home Network Details

Connected via ethernet, to Eero via Nighthawk Router. In total I have 5 range extenders. there are no router/wi fi problems in my system.

Have you read this…

Hi @jallencarpenter,
Are you still having issues with adding files?

Thanks for checking in with me. To be honest, I’ve not had time to try, but will attempt in the next several days. I’m pretty sure I know what my problem is going to be. When I get to the problem(if I can’t resolve) I will post. If I’m right, you’ll be able to in one or two sentences to tell me exactly the procedure.