Trouble Adding Laptop as a Device / Audio Zone

I’m running Roon on a sonicTransport i5. I have my laptop connected to the network with Roon remote running on my laptop. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to add my laptop as a ‘device’ -
i.e. I can’t send music from the sonicTransport to my laptop for playback via my laptop’s audio output. Roon does not show my laptop as a networked device. I’ve refreshed Roon’s audio setup page / section several times and can’t see my laptop. I was able to see and enable my Android phone but not my laptop. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Try disabling the laptop firewall. If it is that put it back on and create exclusions for the network components of Roon which are RAAT and one other.

Anti Virus programs can also cause this type of issue. Some have their own firewall but it may not be obvious (they use terms like ‘shield’ etc).

Thank you both for the feedback! Now that I’ve seen your commentary, I’m 90% sure the issue is with my firewall / security protection. Next step is to fix it :slight_smile: