Trouble Adding Laptop as a Device / Audio Zone

(Mark Tarone) #1

I’m running Roon on a sonicTransport i5. I have my laptop connected to the network with Roon remote running on my laptop. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to add my laptop as a ‘device’ -
i.e. I can’t send music from the sonicTransport to my laptop for playback via my laptop’s audio output. Roon does not show my laptop as a networked device. I’ve refreshed Roon’s audio setup page / section several times and can’t see my laptop. I was able to see and enable my Android phone but not my laptop. Any suggestions? Thank you!

(Henry) #2

Try disabling the laptop firewall. If it is that put it back on and create exclusions for the network components of Roon which are RAAT and one other.

(Tony) #3

Anti Virus programs can also cause this type of issue. Some have their own firewall but it may not be obvious (they use terms like ‘shield’ etc).

(Mark Tarone) #4

Thank you both for the feedback! Now that I’ve seen your commentary, I’m 90% sure the issue is with my firewall / security protection. Next step is to fix it :slight_smile: