Trouble adding Roon Extension to Nucleus

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus v 1.8 (build 903)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet Ubiquiti

Connected Audio Devices

Devialet Phantom

Number of Tracks in Library

33,000 tracks (shared folder on mac)

Description of Issue

I was trying to download Roon extensions

downloaded it on my iMac, installed in the shared Music folder- same folder as the Music.

I have node.js installed with homebrew ad Git on my iMac

Roon App on ipad/iphone is not detecting the Extension under Settings/Extensions

I don’t believe any extensions will work on a Nucleus or a Rock based Core.

I found it easier to run dietpi in a vm. Then turn on the extension manager that is already in dietpi.

They should, but need node.js running on another device on your network. This of course, is a rather silly situation.
Maybe there is some sort of permissions issue with the Mac? Is node.js accessible from the network? Not an expert on mac permissions and node.js but someone will know if any settings on the mac need changing.

I am going to try installing it in a vm on my NAS but there shud be an easier elegant way of doing this. My wish is that they make it easy to use Roon extensions via app.

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