Trouble combining orphan songs

So. I’m re-ripping all my CDs using dbPowerAmp and it’s going so-so. Various Artists CDs are being stored as individual tracks. I thought I figured out how to combine them by searching Roon for the album title and then Selecting All and Combining them. But for some reason Roon is leaving out the first search result track each time. So now I have a bunch of albums missing one track. I can’t select the track to combine it with the album, and I can’t just drag it into the album :slight_smile: What am I missing here? I’m sure it’s simple…

I’d like to know how to do it correctly now before I’m hundreds of CDs in to this project.


What is the ALBUMARTIST dBpoweramp metadata tag on these albums? Is it left blank? If so, that could be the cause of the problem. The tag should be Various Artists.


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Correct. That works for me with dBPoweramp along with setting the Collection tag to 1.
It can be a real pain for compilation albums so they all need tag editing after ripping.
Similarly, box sets or multi disc CDs also need editing to put them in the best folder structure for a smooth import, ie Artist name/Albumname/CD 01…CD 02 etc.

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I’ll check those settings.
But the same thing just happened again, I Selected All the songs that were meant to be in a Various Artists compilation CD and it combined all but one. dbPowerAmp doesn’t have different metadata for each song…

Oh, Artist is set as Various Artists (with pointy bracket things at either end but if I show them here the words dissappear?
Should I be ticking the Compilation box or no?
If it’s a DJ mix I’m putting the DJ in Album Artist.
If I wasn’t so lazy I’d put Artist for each track, which iTunes did by itself.
Is it bad if I start to miss iTunes when I’m barely 50 CDs in to my 3’000?


If it’s a DJ mix I’m putting the DJ in Album Artist.

Sounds like that is the problem!

I find that tag editing is best done outside of Roon before import. dBPoweramp does have a tage editor but I find it a little clunky, so I use mp3Tag, which doesn’t cost much (donationware), so you can download and try it easy enough. Sounds like you are creating artificial compilation albums (which I do a lot of, but is not Roon recommended best practice). Your tags should look like this in mp3Tag:


This is a compilation album created by me with the first track selected. Obviously each track Title and Artist is unique, but the Album and Album Artist (Various Artists) has to be the same for all tracks, With the Compilation tag set to 1. It is important that no other tags are set as this can confuse Roon into identifying tracks as parts of other albums.

Note that if doing this in mp3Tag it only takes a second to select all and edit those two fields, then save; job done. You can even import multiple album folders and set Compilation and Album Artist with one click/save &, then save a unique Album title for each group of tracks (folder) selected.

mp3Tag is regularly updated by the author and I encourage any users to pay something towards keeping the development going.

Cool! I’ll check that out. The DJ albums that I have so many of are Compilations in the sense that the DJ has mixed many individual songs by other artists. Sometimes the other artists are listed on each individual track and sometimes in the Track Title…
When you say Compilation set to 1, that means if it’s a box it is ticked, like 0=Off and 1=On?

Thanks for the reply.

Yes to the Compilation question. That is how the tag is represented in the metadata I think. Sometimes yes or no is also accepted.

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