Trouble connecting Nucleus Plus to Mark Levinson ML585

Thank you for your continued assistance. I will be away - to the US Open - leaving tonight - but will check emails upon my return.

That looks ok but I think it might just be that actual zone is not selected to play to.
Enjoy the Open.

Hi Kenneth,

A pic is worth a 1000 words. What Kevin is trying to say is that in all your screen pics you do not have the Mark Levinson chosen as the active endpoint.

I have circled the location on a portion of one of your previous screen shots.


In this screenshot, the Revel is chosen as the active endpoint and what you will be playing music to. If you click the area I have circled on the Revel, that will bring up a menu to allow you to choose a different active endpoint. Choose the Mark Levinson and then try playing something.

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