Trouble connecting Roon Remote all of the sudden

I have using Roon and Roon Remote for 6 months. I am suddenly having problems connecting my remote up. I have tried a lot things and read a lot of other forum questions related to remote connecting, but no luck. Here’s my setup and some of what I’ve done:

Core: PC (Roon host) running Windows 10
Remote: Android 5.1 Tablet
Roon set to accept remote connections
Roon/PC connected to my NAS library and Tidal
Can play music on my PC or to Aries
Fire up Roon on Android:
Sees my PC and attempts to connect, fails
Try to input IP for PC or NAS, fails
Firewall On/Off, fails
Restart PC and Tablet,fails
Uninstall/reinstall app on tablet, still fails

Hello @rcaudio,

Would you mind to tell us what kind of tablet do you have ?


Samsung Tab S 8.4.

Argh! My PC is on 2.4 GHz wifi, I usually run my tab on 5 GHz as that’s what I have the Aries on. Once I changed the tab to 2.4 then it all works.

Hoping one day to run the tablet alone without the pass through to a PC.