Trouble connecting to a Windows folder remotely

I am running a trial of your software. My output device is a Auralic Altair.
I run a complex computer environment with Windows 10 running under VMWare Fusion on a 2016 MacBook Pro.
Your code would not run on the Windows environment because of the following error:

Image doesn’t post - OPenGL3.0 or higher required

I have raised this with VMWare, who may resolve it; however, I have in the meantime installed your software on the MacOS environment, where it is working. I have copied all of my FLAC, etc. files across to the Mac environment, at least to get things working, which it is. However, ideally, I’d like to use the files held in the Windows environment as that is where I do most of my work, have my iTunes files, etc. However, when I go to connect to the Windows machine I get the following error:
Could not connect to share: Unauthorised

The username and password are correct.
Logically this system is independently on my wifi network and you can see it is not because it cannot see it, it is a matter of authorisation.
I have waded through Windows to make sure it is opening the door.
Any ideas?


Dr. Richard Presser

Hey @Richard_Presser – are you able to mount the Windows share in Finder on the Mac?

For example, I have a Mac Mini and a Windows machine here (which is called BOX). On the Mac Mini, I go to Finder > Go > Connect To Server and then enter smb://box/

I am then prompted for my WIndows user name and password, and then I can connect to the network shares on that machine. Putting Roon aside for a second, does this process work for you?

Thank you, Mike. An excellent suggestion, which I’ll play with in due course for my own clarity: however, I am installing an Auralic Altair, which has a 1TB SSD in it, which will swallow all of my music in about 15% or so of that space, now that I understand things better, and I can manage it from Roon on the Mac. The elegance of this blows me away. Still getting organised, but it will be done in another half day or so.
Again, thank you for getting back to me.
Kind Regards,