Trouble finding track [Pro tips: use filter, different key words]

I was looking for a track called “The Chase” which is part of James Horner’s Cocoon Soundtrack. When I type “The Chase” into the search box I get nothing related to the search.

Also I notice that if I have my Tidal and Qobuz accounts activated in Roon that it defaults to playing back and streaming from the internet even when I have the exact same tracks stored on my local hard drive. For example if I wanted to play the James Horner Cocoon Soundtrack, which is on my hard drive in my library and I have Qobuz activated, it will choose to stream from Qobuz instead of play it back from my library and the sound quality is noticeably worse being streamed from Qobuz vs. playing back from my hard drive. Is there a way to fix that?

Here is the Cocoon Soundtrack which has “The Chase”

And here is the search results that I get when I search for “The Chase” in Roon.

You shouldn’t hear a difference in SQ between streamed and local files. I have. 1G fiber network and I hear no difference. If you are using a copper network, you are probably dealing with a dirty/noisy network. I use Ethernet to my dac. If I had a copper external network I would use a copper to fiber converter to quiet the network

I’m using an M1 Mac Mini as my ROON core and a Sonore Signature Rendu Optical Level 2 as my streamer. The connection to my streamer is optical 1GB fiber. And yeah there is a big difference in sound quality between streaming from my Mini vs. Streaming from Qobuz or Tidal direct.

For some reason your Cocoon album is Unidentified… Try and get it identified properly, then see if it isn’t displyed as a result.

Yup. So I edited it and “identified” it. However it didn’t change the search results. Audirvana 3.5 which is the old version not the new Studio version gives me accurate results immediately.

When I search for “The Chase” now and get that results page and then click on “tracks” because I am looking for a specific track, I do find “The Chase” but its near the bottom of the list of tracks and I had to scroll 3 pages down in order to find it. Maybe I am spoiled in the age of Google, but this isn’t a good search engine.

Roon finds it first time for me:
cocoon the chase

Alternatively If I just search for ‘The Chase’ I can filter on ‘Cocoon’ in Tracks to get to the same place.

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Thank you! Excellent power user tip!

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