Trouble getting android(Galaxy S-8) setup for control

Have been using iPad for control with no problems. Roon updated last night and trying to set phone for control in addition to iPad. It searches but cannot find Roon core on Sonictransporter. I am not knowledgeable enough to know what I need to do to make it work. Please help. Assume I know nothing. I will not be offended.

Update Roon app in the playstore.

thanks. uninstalled and reinstalled and have exact same problem. ???

Better remove Roon Remote app completely, and reinstall. Only takes 2 minutes.

did that. no help. ??

Problems with the latest update of aplication Roon Remote on adroid version 10 on LGV40 phone. Launching
Remote control application causes lag and application and phone lag. The phone then heats up a lot

Tomasz try turning off the new notifications and lock screen option.
I have mine turned off now as it was heating up my phone and draining the battery.

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version 1.8 (build831) stable
do not see lock screen option? turning off notifications does nothing for problem

Is in Roon Settings - Setup.


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I do not know how to access that. Nucleus is in sonictransporter and I know I had to set it up originally but…

Yes. Its works. Thx.

Hopefully that helps and makes the phone work better :+1:

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