Trouble getting Roon running after core reboot

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC 6i5SYH running ROCK

Networking Gear & Setup Details

DSL internet connection, Eero mesh network

Connected Audio Devices

IQaudio DAC running Ropieee, Anthem receiver connected by HDMI

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I sometimes have difficulty getting Roon running again after restarting the core machine, particularly if it has been off for a few days or more. Probably the poor DSL internet connection is a factor, but there is clearly something strange going on with the software as well.

In some cases, the system is unable to reach Roon for whatever verification it needs. In others, I get an error message saying Roon is having trouble loading my database.

When I see the database error message, the local webpage for ROCK often shows an impossible number for the time Roon server has been running. Last time it said that the operating system had been running 5 minutes, 44 seconds, while Roon server software had been running 2634 days, 17 hours, 38 minutes, 31 seconds. Typically I solve the problem by restarting the server software, but this can require a few attempts.

Any help to get a smoother startup experience would be appreciated.

Well, I would first start by making a good backup. What is your OS hard drive?

Have you cleaned your NUC and gotten the dust out, you might have a heating issue? Also, you can try re-installing from the Web UI and seeing if an OS refresh helps.

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Thanks, I’ll give that a try. Anything I should be aware of before clicking the “reinstall” button, other than having a database backup?

The OS drive is a 250 GB Samsung 960 m.2. Last summer I transferred the NUC to a fanless case that should offer enough heat dissipation for the 15 watt TDP processor. There’s no problem when the device has been running for weeks, only when it’s been left off, and this is an issue I’d had for a long time before the switch.

Actually, I had another thought. Before redoing the ROCK OS, you could boot into a Linux Live OS usb key, and run some memory and hard drive diagnostics first. No point in trying to redo the software if there is an underlying hardware issue.

Still, I would do a backup first before anything in case

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Hi jesse,

Just checking back on how things are going.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for following up.

I’m not familiar with Linux, and I’ve been a bit reluctant to tinker since the system is stable apart from this startup issue. I did find some guides to creating a Linux Live OS USB key and should give it a try.

Noris, Roon’s great support tech, posted this. At the bottom is a link to what he suggests for testing ram memory

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Thanks. Can you point me to directions on booting the NUC from an attached USB drive?

I linked the @noris post, and am pinging him now so he can give you an official answer. He might be off for the weekend, so it could be Monday before he sees this. I am not sure if the standard Intel Bios has been modified in any way and I personally don’t have a Nucleus to verify.

However, it is an Intel NUC motherboard, so the standard F10 during boot up might bring up the boot menu. Which would allow you to choose to boot to the USB instead of the internal SSD.

Great, thanks.

Everything looks fine in the NUC’s BIOS, including temperatures.

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Hi @Jesse ,

For some reason, your Roon Core is not properly sending logs to our diagnostics servers. Can you try to do a Backup (just in case) and then perform a RoonOS reinstall via the Web UI?

An OS Reinstall shouldn’t affect the current Roon database, but it’s good to have a recent backup.

Hi @noris ,

I reinstalled the OS. I got the “trouble loading database” error message mentioned above when trying to log back in, but restarting Roon server and unauthorizing my previous core got everything back up and running. Please let me know if you’re able to see the logs now.

The unstable DSL connection here could be preventing my core from maintaining whatever link it needs with your servers. I have a few other issues that I imagine are network related. Sometimes when using an iPad or iPhone as a remote, album view resets to “sort by artist” or appears empty, requiring a re-sort to get my albums to reappear.

Thanks for your help.



Hi @Jesse ,

It doesn’t look like logs are being delivered to our servers still, can you please use these instructions to access your Nucleus RoonServer\Logs folder and upload a set here and let us know afterward? Thanks!

Done, thanks.

Since the last update, the problem I mentioned above – album view appearing empty or resetting to “sort by artist” upon launching the app on an iPhone or iPad – has occurred more frequently.



@noris – To clarify my comment above: the empty album view problem has occurred more frequently since the last update, but I don’t know if that means the update has anything to do with it. It could be that my network has been particularly unstable in the last few days.

Hi @noris ,

Did you receive the logs?

Hi @Jesse ,

Yes, we got the logs, thank you for sending those over. I also enabled a special diagnostics mode for your account to look over your ROCK hardware logs too. Looking over all the log data, I do not see hardware issues, which is what I original thought would be present with these symptoms.

This is an interesting aspect, I do wonder what the database error looks like in logs, if you see this again, can you please let me know the date and time you see it at?

Are there also power issues where you live in addition to the DSL issues? Perhaps the ROCK is not being shut off properly and this is triggering the corruption to occur?

Hi @noris ,

Thanks for getting back to me. Glad to hear there are no apparent hardware problems.

The power goes out here occasionally, but the problem I’m describing occurs much more often – almost every time the device has been left off for a while. Next time I’ll note the date and time and post a screen shot.

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Hi @noris ,

I shut off the server (with a short press of the power button) last night during a storm. This morning I encountered the problems I described. Screen shots with date and time are below (Eastern Standard Time). Rebooting the server and remote software a few times got everything back to normal.

Here’s the error message in Roon:

And here’s what the ROCK web UI displayed:

Something is wrong with the database. If you look under Roon Server software, it shows a running time of 2680 days, etc. Which cannot be correct since you rebooted and even if you had not rebooted, that puts it at 7 years and 4 months of up time.

You might try restarting RoonServer form the ROCK UI and see if the running time corrects itself.