Trouble grouping SimAudio Ace and Sonos

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I bought a new SimAudio Ace which has RAAT and Airplay capability. In Roon settings/audio it shows up twice one for RAAT and one for Airplay.

I know with groupings you must use the same network protocol (e.g Airplay) So I select the Moon Airplay to play and that works but I’m unable to group it with any of my Airplay Sonos speakers.

What am I doing wrong or is this expected and why?

Hi @Michael_Jones1

Can you check in Roon’s device settings what protocol is being used for your Sonos devices.

I suspect it is using the Sonos protocol not AirPlay.

Thanks Carl, I’ll check that and get back to you. Probably that’s it. It might be a few days before I can respond back.

Carl does it matter if its a mix of AirPlay 1 and AirPlay 2 devices? Curious, if you know.

Roon only supports AirPlay 1 at present, though AirPlay 2 devices are backward compatible with AirPlay 1. So that shouldn’t affect the grouping of AirPlay devices.

Ok thanks.