Trouble identifying MQA content from Tidal?

I just updated to build 363 on my Roon Core (QNAP Native) and was trying to display the signal path when playing back MQA Authenticated content at 44.1Khz.
I selected a nice MQA album, in this case the Kraftwerk 3D-The Catalogue:

Hmmm, damn, that didn’t look right? I tried a few other albums which all worked just fine with the expected MQA Auth+Decode etc…
While flipping around a just skipped a track or two and look what happened?;

Feel free to try the first track of Disc6, Electric Café [3D] …
For me, it wont identify as a MQA track.

Well, My bet is that the file Tidal is streaming has an issue.

Thanks Daniel, that seems to be the case.
The very same song isn’t identified as an MQA file when played back on my Bluesound Vault (or SoundBar) either…
Weird, never seen that before. :thinking: