Trouble importing iTunes Library


my system is: OS X 10.10.5 on Mac Mini late 2012 (8 GB). The storage of music is organized with a external drive, connected via FireWire.

Roon finds the music an I can play it. But the iTunes Library is also at the external drive. I have read that Roon have trouble, when this library is not at its home (WHY??? Other Apps like Audirvana or Djay works fine with it). So I put the iTunes Library to its home (user/music/…). iTunes work fine with this splitting, okay.

Roon find it there and try to sync. But it stops after one ore two seconds and write in red letters to install iTunes… After short time this repeats from the start. The whole music is there, but no playlist.

Sorry for my english.


Hello @Daniel_Hinze,

Roon is able to import iTunes library even when it is located in non-standard place. Please, give this a read and let me know if you have any questions.

Hello vova,

thank you for reply. But it does`t work. As I described the sync stops after seconds. I made a video of this effect, can’t attached it. But here is a link:

roon finds the library, but it doesn’t work.


Can you confirm what you’re seeing when you run the test described under Testing Your iTunes Sync at @vova’s link?

Also, can you let us know what you’re seeing on the Storage Tab of Settings? A screenshot would be great.


It doesn’t work, sorry. It says, that there is no such directory.

Mike: I don’t like to buy a software for more than 100 Euros and have to configure such things in Terminal-Windows. What’s wrong? Other software like Audirvana can find iTunes-Library even if it is on another place like an external drive. And that without any manual configure.

I cancelled my trial. Roon is a great experience, the idea is great. Go ahead!