Trouble installing Ropieee...socket unit configuration has changed

I’ve been trying to get Ropieee up and running for hours. Eventually found a proper USB power adapter and cable and at least got past the initial boot screen. Now I can’t get past the “make sure ropieee has internet connection” part of the installation. I’m using a Raspberry PI 3 B+ and a Allo DigiOne HAT. I can see the device on my device page on my router, so I know it’s connected to the network and should have internet. It says “23 output lines suppressed due to ratelimiting…Socket unit configuration has changed while unit has been running, no open socket file descriptor let. The socket unit is not functional until restarted.” And then it just hangs. Any idea what that means?

Edit: Sorry guys. I tried it once more, and after about 30 minutes, it finally rebooted and I got past this screen. Everything seems to be working.