Trouble logging in to Roon

This may be related to the issue of “wrong computer”. When I hit the logo for Roon I get sent to the sign in page that also offers free trial for Roon. My password is always wrong no matter how many times I update it. The service asks for my core and can’t find it. I have found a work around and have not complained about the problem. I go to fire fox and it brings up a page of logos that I have employed. And one of them is Roon (not the speaker, but a written out word “Roon”). This always works just fine. That is how I am writing this today, otherwise the logo would still be looking for my core.
My more recent entry in the support program is not listed in this sequence. How do I get to my most recent entry into support?

Paging @support - I’m not sure what John is doing, but it certainly sounds as though he needs your help. Thanks.

Hi @John_F_Leonard,

Apologies for the frustration, but I am a bit confused as to what the issue here is. You mentioned you are having issues logging into Roon and you resolve this by opening Firefox? I don’t see how the two are related, could you possibly share a few screenshots of the issue to help clarify things a bit?

I found my more recent entry. Forget that part of this entry.But, I would certainly like the failure to acknowledge my be corrected.

Here is what I get now when I try to log onto Roon. The logo gives me the usual saying about music for the day before getting to the page of the screen shot.

Hi @John_F_Leonard,

Just to confirm, the screenshot you posted, is this for your Core? If the screenshot is your Core machine, you can click on “Use this PC”.

If you have another Core you are trying to connect to from this machine you took the screenshot on, can you provide some more information on what type of core it is? Is it Windows, MacOS or Linux?

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