Trouble migrating Roon Core from NUC to M1 Mac Mini

Core Machine

Model Name: Mac mini
Model Identifier: Macmini9,1
Chip: Apple M1
Total Number of Cores: 8 (4 performance and 4 efficiency)
Memory: 8 GB
System Firmware Version: 6723.101.4
OS Loader Version: 6723.101.4

Network Details

TP link Decco Mesh system 3 nodes

Audio Devices

Sonore UltraRendu feeding Ayre QB9 Twenty

Sonore UltraRendu feeding Chord Hugo 2

Controlled by iPhone 10, iPad Pro and iPad Air

Library Size

88,860 tracks

Description of Issue

I’m attempting to transfer Roon Core to a M1 Mac Mini to take advantage of the increased processing power.

Three problems:

  1. I’m unable to connect with my music which is stored on a Synology NAS. Using the procedure specified by Roon does not work. I tried mapping folders on the NAS to the Mac, which worked in Windows. It does not in MacOs.

  2. It is unable to find my UltraRendus. The only audio devices it locates are core audio and AirPlay devices.

  3. It is unable to find its own core. When I click on “Configure Roon Core”, it searches endlessly.

I hope you can assist with this.



I would make sure all your endpoints and the core are on the same network segment…wifi can sometimes mess this up. Roon recommends LAN wired connections for the core machine and ideally all endpoints too.

configure roon core is only for ROON OS based cores like ROCK or Nucleus

try restarting all your network and devices too including your modem and router.

All my endpoints are hard wired. When I run Roon on the NUC it finds them without problem.

Hi @David_Olegar

How is the new Core connected to the network? It sounds like it isn’t visible to these other devices.

Are they all on the same IP range?