Trouble playing Internet Radio stations

I can confirm that for my Nucleus this has been an ongoing problem, mostly with Flac stations. It’s rarely, if ever, during a song, but after it completes. The indicator shows the stop button enabled. I can then press play and music begins shortly thereafter. Seems Roon needs to have some means for monitoring and a “keep alive” guilt-in functionality.

Hi @stevebythebay,

Thanks for reaching out! Does this behavior occur with all FLAC stations? How often does this occur when listening to internet radio stations?

Does it occur on all endpoints?

Seems to happen with the ones I use the most, which include the two Rondo ones out of Helsinki. But I’ve had issues with non-Flac as well including the Psychomed ones out of Athens. However the latter ones may have more to do with the station’s own issues.

Exactly on 8.May 2018 I reported the issue with IR stoppages during my listening of JazzRadio on 320 kb/s. Strangely that nobody at that time even from the Roon team didn’t react.

Hi @stevebythebay,

I’d like to pass some information along to the technical team so they can take a closer look.

  1. Can you share a link to one of the example stations?
  2. Can you describe your current networking setup?
  3. Can you try playing this station to a different endpoint (system output of a remote) and let us know if the same behavior occurs?

I’m beginning to think it’s the station that’s at fault. I listed to it all day, yesterday and it never stopped. I will continue watching to see if it is a recurring problem. Is the URL of the station that was having drops.

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