Trouble setting up network share for backup

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus plus
Version 1.0 (build 227)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Router is Zyxel EX3510-BO
The switch is Netgear Prosafe 16 port 10/100 Switch, Model FS116
Nucleus plus and both Window 10 PCs are connected to the network via ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Gold Note DAC via Wifi
Benchmark DAC with Raspberry Pi Roon endpoint via Wifi
Yamaha AV Receiver with Apple Airport Express via WIfi

Number of Tracks in Library

31889 tracks

Description of Issue

I am trying to add a network share for a backup location but keep getting the same error message: “There is an Unexpected error: UnexpectedError”.

I have shared the intended folder location on two different PCs and get the same result.

Folders on both PCs show that they are shared (read and write for everyone).

After I took this photo, I also turned off password protection for sharing but got the same error message.

Thanks for your help.
Clough Shelton

Hi @Clough_Shelton and welcome to the forum.

Have you tried to provide username and password?

Explanation: Everyone is just all users Windows knows about. It does not include unknowns (guests, users without accounts on the serving machine).

deleted due to bad info on my part.

Roon OS is compatible to SMB 2.0 - SMB 1.0 is deprecated and discouraged to use, even by its inventor Microsoft, for good reasons. Please let it rest in peace.

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Have you read the following article.

It looks like a Windows PC so you would start with \\Cloughs-Office\

Also, verify that you have set Windows to allow guest access, See Guest access in SMB2 disabled by default in Windows 10

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