Trouble uploading profile pic - Image too large

When I try to upload a profile pic, I see the message “image too large.” Try using a smaller image."
What are the file size requirements - and why do the requirements exist?



I don’t know what the size is. The forum uses discourse software so from there.

It’s possible that there is still an upper limit of 2MB. See this blog post from the Discourse developers:

Thanks. I’m not sure if it’s the same or not, but just to be clear, this occurs as I try uploading image on Roon Core. Later on I’ll try an image less than 2 MB.

Ah - OK, uploading to the Core is different from uploading to the Discourse Forum here. My mistake. I don’t know what the limit is for that.

I tried reducing the quality of the photo and it worked. Its an odd requirement though - like something you would find in software 20 years ago.

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