Trouble with Absolute Radio station

Absolute Radio still drops out for me. I quit trying. I just listen to JB Radio 2 all day

Hey @Robin_Carmack,

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Can you share a link to the station that you’re experiencing difficulties with?

Can you also share a screenshot of the signal path when playing to that station?


@dylan I have a SonicTransporter i7 running HQPe and an ultraRendu for playback. The link I use is:

It will play for a while but then it just stops. I have tried everything network related I can think of like putting the music on a separate switch, changing DNS, etc. My uR is connected to the second ethernet port on the i7. I can play JB Radio 2 all day without issue. Thank you for your help

Thanks for the info, @Robin_Carmack!

Can you share a screenshot of the signal path when playing this station? Do you have DSP enabled?

Does this behavior occur for all endpoints, or just the uR?

Are there any other stations you experience this behavior with?


I just started playback. It played for about 3 minutes before stopping. None of the other stations do this in my experience. DSP is not enabled in Roon.

I appreciate the update, @Robin_Carmack!

I’ve passed your report along to the technical team so they can take a closer look. I’ll be sure to update you as soon as I receive their feedback.


Thank you @dylan!

I’ve added some Absolute Radio stations a few days ago. Today I had dropouts and sudden stops during a listening session as well. I was using a Sonos device for playback und listened to “Absolute 80s” (

After stopping and restarting the playback the stream was ok again for a few minutes. Then the dropouts reappeared. At some point the stream was stable and the dropouts didn’t appear again.

I’ll keep an eye on this issue and report as soon as I have some serious results.

I’ve been listening to Absolute Radio a couple of time since my last post. The dropouts appeared again but not as bad as the last time. No other radio station shows this kind of behaviour. I have no HQ player and no DSP configured.

With Internet Radio streaming FLAC we are at the mercy of the upstreaming environment for the radio station as well as our own downstreaming environment. Depending on the time of day I have quite different experiences of FLAC radio, ranging from can’t connect, through dropouts to perfect uninterrupted reception.

I have told my router to prefer audio streaming when prioritising bandwidth. There’s not much else that users or Roon can do.

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Hey everyone,

We looked into this station and we have seen the same behavior occur. We’ve also witnessed issues with streaming this particular station outside of Roon (we tried using iTunes and had playback troubles as well). Unfortunately in this case it looks like there isn’t much we can do here because these issues are stemming from the source and not anything that Roon is doing here.


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Thanks for getting back to us :slight_smile:

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