Trouble with Audio Device: Unable to Play from Bluesound Node 2i (ref#FX63XS)

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What’s happening?

I'm having trouble with my audio device

can't play from bluesound node 2i


Please add more details to you post: Roon version; operating system; other equipment; error messages etc.

That will help the experts diagnose what’s going on. Thank you :slight_smile: .

Thank you Mark.
My issue was that available devices were not showing up in my various controller apps on iphone/ipad so I couldn’t play anything. I realized now that it is due to the Mac I am using as my ‘core’ going to sleep. As soon as the Mac goes to sleep, all controller apps go blind and Roon stops working. As soon as I tap the space bar to wake the Mac up, all the devices immediately show up in the controller apps.
I see now on other threads that this is a common experience, and as I am really not wanting to keep my Mac on 24/7 (keeping MacOS running in the background when the screen goes off doesn’t work for me) this is unfortunately a bit of a show-stopper for me so I probably won’t be keeping Roon past my own trial period :frowning:
Like make others I don’t have this problem at all with Bluesound app, as the Mac can be fully asleep but local files are still accessible and can be played without issue.
No need to respond further - Thank you again!

Understood, Michael. Thanks for the update.

Might either of these resources be useful to you?

Good luck in any case!

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