Trouble with multi channel playback via HDMI (NUC) to BDP105

I am having similar problem with new ROCK: NUC7i7, 16G DDR4, 250G SSD,
Playing 192kHz 24bit 5.1ch from NAS using HDMI out on OPPOBDP105.
If I plan same files from NAS using lenovo laptop HDMI to BDP105 running jriver or play from NAS directly to BDP105, playback is perfect.

ROCK would give me error on HDMI until I set HDMI channels to 7.1. The 5.1 and 2.0 settings don’t work at all.

Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution?


Hi @William_Conn ---- Thank you for the report and sharing this observation with us. Both are appreciated.

I believe that this behavior you’re experiencing has to do with a driver issue but will confirm with my team and get back to you asap. Your patience is very appreciated!


In general, we’ve found most devices with HDMI in are expecting to receive 7.1, so that’s the setting we would recommend here for compatibility.

Just keep in mind that there’s a difference between how many channels of audio are in a given file, and how many channels the software is sending over HDMI. For example, we know that lots of software always sends 7.1, and JRiver might be doing that as well.

If your NAS is using UPnP to play directly, the Oppo is doing the decoding and channel mapping, which would explain the other distinction here.

Point being, 7.1 is generally going to match the channel layout the Oppo is expecting in this configuration, and the 5.1 channels in your files should end up in the right place. If that’s not the case let us know, but otherwise this sounds like it’s working as expected.