Trouble with multi-disc sets

Why Roon does not do this? I had a 12 disc set, 9 cds where placed in the set, 3 not.

All 12 in one folder , with subfolders for the cd, and disc number correctly tagged.

Someone has the Bach cantatas from Gardiner in? What is best practice?

Hi @rvb,

If you haven’t already, I definitely recommend taking a look at our [documentation on this subject]. Can you verify that the album is structured in a way that meets our recommendations in that article?

Roon finds only the 2nd disc . Now I identify the first disc by hand, then all is well.

Not quite good. I have the volumes now 2 times, I want 1 volume with 2 cd’s. When I manage to get this, I will mention.

I merged 2 cd’s to 1 album.

Last I edited the title vol.1 to 9 with a pre 0 (01, etc.) for the right order.

So, unfortunately it takes a lot of editing when you want everything okay.

Hi @rvb,

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing in Roon as well as how this album look in the storage location via Finder or File Explorer?

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