Trouble with Roon system and database crashing (ref#3XLBXD)

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Hi, I’ve got lots of trouble with different servers as well as Nucleus, NUCs i3 +i7 , my own NUC i7 and customers i7. All these systems worked well till a few weeks before. And I already tried a lot.

The problem is, I and my customers lose contact to the Roon system. i.e. the operating devices as iPad, iPhone, PC can’t see Roon anymore.

What I did : system updates, new system installation, resetting databases etc. all this helped only a few hours or days. Wonder why? But after all, I noticed that these problems seem to depend on the size of the database. I have a rather large collection 30000 albums on my servers. One of my customers also has a similar size on his server. The when I load all my collection, the server seems to crash. If I load only 10000 albums, there is no problem as I noticed.

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There are different types of configuration. A genuine Nucleus i3, and NUCs (i3 & i7) built after your specification and working for a few years with no problem.

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Linn, Naim, and mostly network connected

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We can exclude network issues, everything works well in my network. I am HIFI DEALER and familiar with my network.

Plain and simple, the computer hardware in question is inadequate for Roon with 30,000 albums. You need to reduce the music library, hence database size. Or you need to improve the hardware. Probably 32 GB RAM at a minimum. Possibly a desktop class processor as well.


Hi Andrew, thanks for your help. But I think you misunderstood my problem. Roon is runníng and was running on a i7 NUC system like Nucleus + and it worked with 25.000+ albums and without problems in the last years.

Nucleus+ specifications say that it’s capable for more than 10000 albums. Do you think 32GB RAM will help? I’ll try that.

This is usually a sign of ROCK/NUC or Nucleus running out of memory. More RAM, as @WiWavelength suggests is probably the answer.

Hello @Harry_Wolf ,

Thanks for your message. We are looking into a performance issue regarding search functionality on large libraries in this thread here. Can you please try to reboot the affected Roon Servers twice and see if there is any improvement in performance behavior?

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