Trouble with USB playback

Hi Guys, this is EJ from Wyred 4 Sound. We are having quite a few issues with customers using our Linux based music server running Roon and outputting to a USB interface. What customers noted was that randomly when playing from their library, the audio would stop and it would continually cycle through the que until all the files were played. To remedy this, they would need to unplug the device (USB) and plug it back in.

I spent some time with one here to replicate it and found that it does it when switching from a 16 bit file to 24 bit file. After messing with settings to find what would help, I found that setting the sample rate converter to up-sample everything to the max would prevent it from happening. I’ve tried this with many different USB designs we use and seems to be the same problem.

I have talked with @SteveSilberman about this and he mentioned @support could help us get to the bottom of it.

Thank you
EJ Sarmento

It’s an issue with the XMOS usb chipset and Linux. Not particularly Roon. There is already a long thread on this

I will have to look into this but I can tell you that we have XMOS based and non-XMOS based interfaces with the same problem. Using the same music server with different modes (ie: squeezebox) there is no problem so I’m not sure this is secluded to Linux and XMOS.