Troublefree ROCK updates?

Just wondering what other folk’s experiences have been with the update process for the new ROCK builds that have been pushed out over the past week?

I think I’ve had one or two troublefree update experiences - in other words, after clicking on the “Update All” message that appears on a Roon Remote, the ROCK build is updated, rebooted and Roon Server in the ROCK OS picks up where it left off, i.e. similar to Roon Server running on Windows.

I’ve also had (twice) the experience where, after clicking “Update All”, the Roon Remote loses connection with the NUC running ROCK, and the web interface to ROCK also disappears. It takes a hard reset (pressing the on/off button on the NUC for 10 seconds, and then pressing it again to do a power-up and boot) to get everything back in the air again.

FWIW, I’m using a NUC6i3SYH for ROCK at the moment.

I haven’t seen this particular issue, but there have been a couple of updates that were less than smooth when performed via the web interface. The progress graphic would keep churning with no apparent end. Ultimately opened a new browser connection to ROCK and found that it had updated the OS, but RoonServer wasn’t running.

Right now the biggest issue that I’m seeing is how the updates are presented on the iOS remotes vs OSX / Windows. On iOS you see that there’s an update available, but there’s no indication as to what the update is (whether it’s for ROCK or RoonServer). I have a similar gripe with the Roon updates themselves when presented via iOS as they don’t show you what new build / version number is pending whereas this information is shown on OSX / Windows.

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Same thing just happened to me. I pressed the blue update dialogue and now
My remote hangs on this screen

Also the web interface is not loading
I’m using NUC5I5RYK

I had to hard reboot the nuc to solve it

did you guys update the BIOS? I had seen issues like this on 5th and 6th generation before I upgraded the BIOS

Yes BIOS was updated before I installed rock. Still need to change the fan settings back… thanks to remind me :slight_smile:

do you guys have a monitor plugged in?

I’m not on the very latest (0061) - I’ve been running 0059 since it was released back in March…

Nope - headless

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Yes, it’s still hooked up,to a tv

I updated the BIOS before installing ROCK. My NUC runs headless beside my NAS and upgrades have been fault free so far.

5i5MYBE, headless, no issues with updates and everything is working as it should. BIOS was updated when I got the NUC last September. I checked the list and while not the newest BIOS it was was new enough to proceed so I went ahead. I am also impressed at the speed fixes are being applied.