Troubles with a Surround Feed

I have about six albums ripped in their native surround format. None of them play correctly through my Yggy, fed by a DigiOne/RPi endpoint. Here is the signal path:

It looks like this path may defeat the whole purpose of surround by downmixing the signal into two channels. Well, okay, but then how might one play surround with Roon? Do I have to create a special path just for surround? If so, I’ll pass on that. I am hoping that there is a tweek or setting that I am missing.

You can tell I am not well versed in this technology. Any help appreciated.

You do not say what the problem is.

In what way?
Also, those of us who do play multichannel as multichannel have found that using certain DSP operations can scramble the channel layout. That is supposed to have been cured by the latest version released yesterday. I have not yet tried it.


I may be way off base but as far as I know your Yggy is a two channel DAC so it seems logical to me that Room downsamples 5.1 channel content to 2 channel. Assuming the Yggy would accept a 5.1 channel source it would have to downsample it anyway.


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I assumed he knew this (doesn’t he have only 2 speakers?) but it is good to say so explicitly.

Oops, missed the main point. The YGGY starts chittering like mad; seems like its choking on the bit feed. But if it is downmixing to 2 channels, shouldn’t the DAC be able to handle that in like fashion to “normal” stereo streams?

OK. Yes, it should work fine at 24/96 but I don’t know Schiit from Shinola.



Does your DigiOne use a Pi 3 or Pi 4?

Is it connected via Ethernet or WiFi?

Does it play two channel 24/96 content OK?


I do exactly this. Multi-channel files into PCM 2-ch to an Allo into a Yggy.

What software are you running on the Allo? Do other, 2-ch, 24/96 FLAC files play without issue?

DigiOne is on a Pi3

Connected by internet.

Actually it does not play 24/96 all that well. It usually requires me to play another 12/44 first then make the change. I didn’t make the connection of the 24/96 problem until now. When I try a two channel track, any failure of a 24/96 is just silence - no chittering.