Troubles with MQA and DSD playback

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nujcleus +

Networking Gear & Setup Details

router frittzbox

Connected Audio Devices

USB ,Mcintosh C 53

Number of Tracks in Library

58 040 tracks

Description of Issue

I have some troubles.

I am an owner of Nucleus and McIntosh C53. When I played the MQA track before I saw

on the McIntosh C 53 display higher frequencies, for example 96 kHz. When I play MQA tracks

now I see on display C 53 only 44,1.I think that the sound is worse . Before everything was ok.

I saw higher frequencies and the sound was better.

I have a problem with DSD files from my HDD.

When I play DSD files there is no sound from speakers.Before everything was ok too.

I will send You some pictures of my settings :

Thank you for Your help.
Dariusz Łukasiewicz

Enable MQA Core decoder, and set MQA Capabilities to No MQA Support.


The default MQA Decoder setting was changed to OFF a few updates back, you need to manually set it now as @wklie says

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