Troubleshoot stuttering issue

I’m having some issues streaming to HomePod from my Mac mini. It’s stuttering and cutting out for seconds at a time. It’s really intermittent and unpredictable. I wonder if anyone has any idea how I might troubleshoot it?

I’m kind of guessing that it might be wifi, but I don’t know how to confirm this. Also my router is not that old (less than 2yrs), and a fairly good model. I don’t experience stuttering when I play from iPhone to HomePod.

Mac mini 2012
OS 10.13.4
2.5ghz i5/16gb ram/SSD
Latest Roon
Netgear D7000

Can you post a screen shot of the audio path.

I assume you are connecting via wifi for your everything or are some connections via lan cables?

Where is your music source?

Yep all connecting via wifi. All my music on SSD in Mac mini


Max, I’m assuming that this works with no issues using apples airplay from iTunes or other sources and that this is only happens with Roon’s streaming as the issue?

While the MacMini is limited to 801.11n this “should” AFAIK easily support the 44.1KHz bitrate you are streaming. That said how are things when you connect the MacMini to the Router via LAN?

Also perhaps a shot of the wifi settings - hold down option key and select the wifi icon in the top right corner to display then use command shift 4 all together to take a screen shot to the desktop…

mine looks like this…sorry im in a hotel now :blush:

Is anything else going on while you are streaming music on the mini? Like downloading or library analysis? Just trying to determine what else could be impacting the network primarily or the Roon processes.

Maybe a screenshot of the CPU usage and network screens in Activity Monitor might show something.