Truncated Screens on 10' Android Tablet

Running Roon remote on a Lenovo 10’ Android tablet, some Roon screens do not scroll all the way down. Example: Artist, Album edit

Hello @Ori_Onn,

I couldn’t be more sorry that we missed your post for this long - please, accept my sincere apology :pleading_face: It’s definitely not what we had hoped support would look like these past weeks.

While I am hoping that our releases since then might have resolved this issue for you too, we would love another chance to help if this is ongoing. Could you please let us know? :nerd_face:

It is still happening in Landscape display.

This problem persists
Some panels don’t scroll to the bottom on Landscape display on my Lenovo 10" Android
For example, the Artist Edit panel doesn’t and you cannot save edits since the “Save” button is in the bottom and cannot be reached
Thx for your response