Trying Roon again after a break but ‘database not recognised

Roon Core Machine

I am attempting to run it on a late 2012 Mac Mini with attached hard drives
Plus a QNAP NAS.
Note: this is from same equipment but a new email address.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

All on an Ethernet network Cat6
Netgear Virgin router.

Connected Audio Devices

Naim Nova.

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Database not recognised contact Roon support.

I gave up on Roon as it was such a PITA in getting it to work
Recently I found I was still being billed !! As I had initially found Roon to be effective I decided to give it another go. I have got rid of old Roon server programs and newly downloaded Roon server but it does not recognise the database and just sits there with a blank screen and your wiggling emblem.

I realise again that I fell out with Roon because it is for computerphiles with knowledge rather than for audiophiles.

A fix please or my money back.
I am seriously thinking of selling streaming stuff and going back to CDs.
John Stocker

NB I must have put four or five hundred pounds into your system so far, a very bad return for my investment.

A 2012 Mac Mini may be below minimum spec I believe. Try running it on more modern hardware or buy a Nucleus.

Hi @John_Stocker1,

Can you please try the restoration process outlined here? Thanks!

Just as an update
Rebooted everything and followed instructions above and working now
Roon does not seem to have found all my music files
I have all my music on my Naim Core abd backed up to iTunes on Mac mini
All the music seems to be coming from Mac mini rather than from Naim Core but sounds pretty good