Trying Roon Again - How Do I Manually Edit What Cover Art to Use? [Solved]

Where has the pencil gone? Can’t seem to drop or drag images either. Help please.

Edit is now under the 3 dot menu

Thanks but I still can’t see how to manually upload cover art if Roon fails to find anything. Any assistance appreciated.

It couldn’t be more simple, you have to do it on your core machine (I do anyway) I can’t do this on an Android remote.
Go to Edit Album, look for art section, click Add Art and a box appears. Then drag your chosen file in. I reduce the folder screen size to make this possible.
I have done this today. Chris

Alternatively, you can copy the art as a jpeg to an Album directory and name it “folder” or “cover” then tell Roon to rescan the album.

Thanks everyone, I found it eventually. Appreciate your help.