Trying to Enable a Windows PC via USB Driver and I am getting an error

I am running Roon 1.2 (Build 128) on a Synology DS 1813+ NAS and I have a Windows 8.1 computer connected to my Vinnie Rossi LIO DAC via USB.

I see this computer on the list of networked devices, but when I click on the “Enable” button next to the driver I want to use (XMOS USB Audio 2.0 ST 2023) I get the following error:

Error Loading Device Info:DeviceInitFailed

Before moving the Roon Core to my Synology NAS, I was running it on a Win 7 PC and had no issues with getting this driver to work on the computer connected to my DAC.



Hey @George_Hoenninger – can you confirm you’re running the latest ASIO driver for the DAC on the 81. machine, and that nothing else is using the driver at the same time?

The error you’re seeing generally means that the driver has gotten into a bad state so, if you haven’t already, try rebooting the system, rebooting the DAC, that kind of basic troubleshooting. If you’re still stuck, let me know and we’ll take a deeper look.