Trying to export all tracks or albums of my library - export job crashes

I go into “Albums” or “Interpret”, then I select all (Ctrl-A), then go to “Export”, leave “remove duplicates” activated, I select a directory on an attached USB 3.0 drive; then Roon starts to do something (I assume building a list of albums to be exported): Significant disk i/o can be observed, the occupied main memory of Roon is increasing from 350 MByte to something like 1.7 GByte, then after some minutes: Roon tells me the core cannot be reached any more … after some seconds the core is conected again but no more export job visible … there is no exported file at the destination directory … can be reproduced … happens with and without activated “remove duplicates” … my library is quite large, something like 5.000 artists …

What to do?

Hey @fschmeis – we’ll do some testing here with a large library and see if we can reproduce what you’re describing.

Can you give us some details on the machine running your Core, as described here? Thanks!

Hello @mike,
thank you very much for the fast follow up!
My core is running on a QNAP TVS 671 (4 core i5, 8 GByte of RAM, SSD for Roon DB); my control is running on a Win10 PC 64 Bit with 4 GByte of RAM and a 256 GByte SSD (where the described i/o can be observed); core and control are connected via 1 GBit Ethernet; the library has appr. 300.000 tracks; I am running Roon 1.5, what else do you need?

@support, could you reproduce the issue? Are there any additional information you need?

Thx in advance!

@support, @mike, is there anything I can contribute to move things forward?

Thx in advance!

Hey @fschmeis – we took a look at this and I suspect this is a performance problem.

We’ll see if we can do better here, but in the meantime can you confirm things work as expected with a subset of your collection – for example if you export half your library? Or a third at a time, does that work?

I’d like to confirm the issue you’re experiencing is related to performance with large libraries, as opposed to something specific about your library, media, or environment.

Let us know whether subsets of your library work as expected, and that will help us get a fix into an actionable ticket that a developer can work on. Thanks!

@mike I did some testing, could export 3.300 tracks (at least the export job started), also selecting 18.000 tracks and after some time the export job started; when selecting my entire library it takes some minutes, Roon eats up more and more main memory (starting with app. 700 MByte) and then crashes (at appr. 2 GByte main memory - but still 2,4 GByte main memory left), means the Roon control point on my Windows10 Notebook disappears and gets restartet (automatically), but after the restart the export job has disappeared and no track is exported.

Does this help? Anything else you need?

Hey @fschmeis – I did some testing on my library and I was able to reproduce this problem.

I’m going to have QA open a ticket on this, but I should caution you that I can’t really give you a time frame for when work will happen on this issue. At the moment, I don’t have any work planned in this area of the app, unfortunately.

We’ll be tracking this issue, but for now you probably just want to export in smaller increments. Thanks for the report, and for your patience!

Hello @mike, thank you for your report, looking forward to get this fixed!
Will try to export in several runs …