Trying to get it working on MAC and failing

I installed the img to the Raspberry Pi using Pi Baker. Put the card an and switched on. Downloaded the ROON LABS APP on my iPad and all i get is Choose your Core. LOOKING FOR REMOTE LIBRARIES.

The Pi/IQ AUDIO DAC+ shows up on the router at and the NAS shows up at

It’s exactly the same on the IMAC with ROON version 1.3

Everything worked perfectly on RUNE AUDIO.



Are you running a core (full roon or roon server) on the Mac that will connect or is connected to your library disk/s? Bridge on the pi and control on a tablet will need a core somewhere on the same network segment. Yours are not appearing on the same segment based on the addresses you listed one is on the .3.xx and the other on .1.xx

Hi I am not sure what you mean by Core.
My library is stored on a Dlink ShareCenter NAS. I downloaded and installed IQ_Roon _pcm5xxx_RC7_closed.img to the Raspberry Pi micro sd card using Pi Baker. I then downloaded Roon Remote from the App Store onto the IPad.
I have now moved the Raspberry Pi Ethernet connection to, with the NAS server on
Still nothing.

You need to have a Roon Core running somewhere.

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Right. So go here, download Roon -> Mac OS X -> core or Roon Server -> Mac OS X -> core and install the downloaded file on the iMac. “Roon” has a GUI, so you’ll be able to control everything from the iMac; “Roon Server” does not, so you’ll always have to control from the iPad.

Hi ok I currently run Twonky on the NAS as my music server… It seems there are no packages available for the ShareCenter to run ROON LABS core and I do not want to have to have my mac on just to see my library. I guess it’s back to Rune Audio, which seems to work ok.