Trying to get started w/ Roon Nucleus, Windows desktop w/ attached stereo system, speakers, DAC, etc

Newbie here. I want to run Roon. I am struggling with how to connect all my gear and how the music stream flows.

I just acquired a second hand Roon Nucleus with a 4tb Internal SSD about half full of music in WAV format and though I’ve read quite a bit of documentation I’m still confused about whether I’ve got my music components connected properly and what are the steps I need to take to get up and running with my music,

I have a dual boot Win7 Win 10 Core i7.
Roon Nucleus Corei3
My stereo system is attached by way of USB cable > Berkeley Alpha USB > Audio Alchemy DDP-2 Digital Music Player Roon Endpoint > Audio Alchemy DDP-1 DAC
I have an iPad.
I have a second stereo system in my living room, but I’ll worry about that later.

Do I need to install the Core on my computer? Or is that already in the Roon Nucleus? If so, what do I need to install into the computer?

Assuming I have everything in place correctly, how do I tell Roon to convert my music file to Roon format and proceed to make music flow.

Hi welcome to the forum. I’m just a user like yourself so this is my, non official, response.
I’ve moved your post to the support area as more users will see it there.
Roon needs
A server that controls everything
An endpoint where the server sends the music
A control point where you control everything

These can all run on one machine or on different ones or in combination.

In your case
A server that controls everything - the nucleus
An endpoint where the server sends the music - the DDP-2
A control point where you control everything - windows PC (or phone or tablet)
You attach all three to your network and they should all find one another.

I presume you had Naim equipment at one point as you mention Naim and your music is in WAV format. The bad news is that wav often has no or little metadata so importing it in to roon is a little chancy.
However, lots of people have and can give help.
This may help for detail

And this for an overview

you might need to check you can find the GUI web page of the nucleus in your browser. if the nucleus has been been set to a fixed IP address this needs some instruction to reset it from support…there is no reset button. you do need to turn it on with the power button at the back - which might seem a silly thing to mention but the LAN lights will flash even if the nucleus has power applied but is not powered up

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Hi @Sylvia_Rienzo!

If you haven’t already, definitely check out our Nucleus Manual.

The Nucleus will be your Core machine and you’ll just need to use the iPad and Windows machine as remotes. You can learn more about what software packages are available here in our KB, and then you can head over to our downloads page to install Roon on your Windows machine.

If you have any questions please let me know!

I’m a bit puzzled by this - and a bit concerned we’re missing something important…

Could you explain a bit more please?

Are you sure about this? The Nucleus is an i3 and the Nucleus + is an i7.

I think I’m on hold for a few days. I had to take my computer in for service this morning. It is taking five minutes and more to boot. Meanwhile, I can do some more reading of documentation.

I have corrected the specs for my Roon Nucleus. It’s core i3, which I’m a little disappointed about, but probably no big deal.

And yes, my WAV files were created by a Naim product. Is that a problem?

No, not a problem. Wav is a file format. Naim is just a manufacturer and not a format. I think that your use of “Naim format” was confusing since WAV has been a standard format for computer audio for decades, and, nothing to do with Naim.

There’s quite a few current and ex Naim users on here that can pitch in.

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