Trying to get the most of out current setup

Not sure where to put this so putting it here!

I have a shield connected to a pioneer VXS 922 AV receiver with Wharfedale DX1 speakers and i’ve always found music to sound pretty flat from it but if im watching a movie and a song is playing it can sound great. I’m aware there are a lot of factors at play here and that my amp might just not be very good for listing to music on but if anyone might have some suggestions on what i could do to improve the sound of music i would love to hear it. On the app its normally set to direct or ALC which i think sounds a little better. I haven’t done much with roon DSP mainly caused i dont know what i should be doing!
If im hitting the limit of what the amp can do for music it would be good to know that as well. My other sound system is a pair of sonos ones which sound ok to me, hoping to replace them with kef lsx at somestage.