Trying to group my DAC and 3 songs speakers

@support I am not able to find a current topic on this problem.

I have the latest software versions of both Roon and Sonos. I am trying to group my DAC and 3 songs speakers so I can listen to Roon throughout the house. My DAC is connected to my Roon core which is a Mac mini.

Overtime I go to group these, I get a message which I’ve taken a screenshot below. I’m not sure what to do as I have tried everything I can possibly think of to get this to work.

My understanding that the Sonos speakers are “Roon Ready” and therefore should not have a problem grouping all of these.

Please let me know what I’m missing and/or if this post should be somewhere else in the community…

Thank you!

@support. I noticed that auto correct does not recognize Sonos. It converted it to “songs” when I really would like to know how to group my 3 Sonos speakers with my DAC. Thanks!

Sonos is not roon ready. Rather roon added Sonos support so you can stream to them. However, you can only group Sonos devices, you can’t add in any other roon device to that group.

Hi @Mark_Wexler,

As suggested by Ged and as mentioned in our Knowledge Base, Sonos devices cannot be grouped with anything besides other Sonos devices.

Thank you Ged and Dylan. I guess the bottom line is that there is no way to get the music to play on my Roon System (the main core) along with Sonos speakers in other locations in my house at the same time. Too bad, it would make for a great situation if one was able to go from room to room and hear Roon!

You can get them to play just not in synch :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Quite. It sounds like a hangover.

:upside_down_face: I might have a workaround. If I install a Sonos connect box to my Zone 2 (which is where my core is) on my AV preamp, group all of the Sonos together, I can than hear Roon from all speakers. I know I lose one of the major assets of Roon (sound quality) by doing so but, in a party situation, its probably somewhat acceptable. Oh well, maybe someday Sonos will support Roon and vice a versa.

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