Trying to install Roon on my Macmini [Answered]

Hi, i need some help,
My sistem:
Mac mini core duo 2010, crucial 256 ssd, 16g RAM, latest Sierra os, new linear Qplex psu, iTunes

  • qnap 251+ nas
  • aquvox LAN switcher
    I was able to download Roon, but not to open and install it.
    I copyed to terminal the suggested string but was not able to go further because the password didn’t work, i have no password, i tryed 3 Times with no password, and now it displayed sorry try again.
    I have no password on my Mac mini, which password i have to type?
    Many thanks

No terminal string is required to install Roon on the Mac mini. Just download and double-click on the installer and follow the (simple) instructions.

Am I correct in understanding that you’re trying to install Roon, and not Roon Server?

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Hi David,
Correct, I’m trying to install Roon.
I’m not able to start the installation, double clicking has no effect, that’s why i typed the string…

I found this information in another post

Are you opening the Roon application from within the dmg disk image?
This behavior sounds like it. If so, copy the Roon application to your Application folder and try to open it there.

If this happens when double clicking the Roon.dmg file: Check if really nothing has happened. .dmg files are very common to distribute software applications. They are disk images and when you open a dmg file a new volume should appear that contains the actual app.
So, check if there is an additional volume by clicking in the Finder on “Go to” (in the top menu bar) and select “Computer”.

Ok, now i’m at works, i will try again tonight.

Yes, really sorry about the misleading advice. @Ratbert is correct. Just download Roon, mount the disk image, and drag “” to the alias of the Applications folder on the “.dmg”. After that, launch Roon from the Applications folder on your startup drive.