Trying to Load Roon on a Synology DS1520+ NAS

I found this webpage to follow the Synology Install -

1.) I created the Shared Folder called ‘RoonServer’ on my Synology DS1520+ NAS
2.) Downloaded the Installer in Step #2 to my Laptop.

Since the Instructions stopped with these 2 Steps, I went to my NAS ‘Package Center’ and tried to do a Manual Install of the File I just loaded to my Laptop. It didn’t like the ‘.spk’ file and gave me the message ‘Invalid File Format. Please contact the Package Developer’.

Can someone tell me where to go from here? — Thanks

Well, I figured it out… I am running the current DSM Software, which is 7.0 and has been out for over a year… The above link has not been upgraded to install the 7.0 version… I found another person that had the 7.0 DSM Installer… So, this case is closed.

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@Kevin_Becker, I understand what you are telling. But if you go to the homepage then you will find also the (latest) installer for DSM 7.

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Thanks for pointing this out. Due to 2 different installation routines for DSM6 and DSM7, I actually added the DSM version in the article name. So I am not sure why the link led to the DSM6 page. The link should have returned a 404 error…
I manually added a redirect now, so users will be forwarded to the DSM7 info page.
Sorry for the confusion.