Trying to max out QNAP

I’ve got a new QNAP and just trying to see what it can handle but don’t seem to have the option to upsample everything to DSD?

The DAC does support it (Bryston BDA-3) but it’s not there in the DSP >> Sample rate Conversion.

More of a curiosity than a problem :slight_smile:

What do you see in the device setup for that audio zone?
Should be able to set max pcm and max dsd.

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Magic, had it set to 384Khz, changed to DSD and now have

Let’s see if it blows up :slight_smile:

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I sincerely hope not…lol.
But I know what you mean…push on it to the limit…and then push some more!

Just curious what the qnap can handle, it’s actually doing really well

Roon is down to 2.4x which is fair and the CPU is barely being tickled at 30%

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Is your dac DSD 512 capable?
From that screen the qnap would run it easily.

Nope only 256