Trying to move database to ROCK, can't read subdirectories

Today I have been trying the whole day to move my database to a ROCK setup. I followed the knowledge base step by step in how to do it. First I have tried to import the database backup and connected an external drive to it. This worked flawlessly. However, in step two I have copied all my music to the internal storage in exactly the same subdirectories as on the external drive.

My database has three watched folders, wich are three subdirectories of the music folder. With the external drive, I could just edit the paths to these three subdirectories and everything was oke. With the internal storage, I can’t edit these paths to the internal storage, only to a network share. The only thing that is possible is a total rescan of the root of the internal drive. Now all the music is imported as new, all with the same import date and about 1200 edits, 250 album covers and 200 artists pictures I have added myself are all gone now. Is there any way how to fix this, no way I’m going to edit this all over again.

edit: I have solved it by referring to the directories as a network share. This is in fact the first thing I tried when transferring the database to ROCK. I tried to point to the subdirectories of my windows PC that’s running the core as a network share. That didn’t work because Roon does only allows one root directory over a network (also says so in the Knowledge Base). That’s why I tried to do the same with an attached USB drive with exactly the same directory structure and that worked fine. Strangely enough, I can point to subdirectories when treating the internal storage as a network share. Pretty confusing because of this inconsistency.

What’s more confusing is that Roon screams out loud against the old fashioned directory structures while all personal edits in the database seem to be highly directory related and non-transferable if the directory structure does not exactly match the original structure. That was a little WTF moment to me.


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