Trying to move Roon Core from one PC to another, Computer says "NO"

On trying to change my roon music library from my old HP spectre to my new HP Envy I hit a brick wall. The computer said NO. I then realised the only way forward was buying a new membership, for my Envy. So I am going back to my trusty Tidel. IT’S VERY USER FRIENDLY

Did you even try to contact support or check on forum how to transfer license between cores?


Spend a little time in the knowledge base. It will help you learn the program.


Hello @RICHARD_ALLEN. I see this is your first post; welcome to the community!

I’ve moved the thread to #support so it gets the correct attention. Please describe your setup in more detail so we can assist you. The following post is a good starting point.

However, it sounds like you want to move your core from one computer to another. Take a look at the Knowledge Base article: Migration. If you need help please post.



A Roon license allows for Roon to be active on one machine at a time, but you can move between Cores at any time. If you click the Unauthorize button it will allow you to use the new machine.

As Martin mentioned, definitely check out our migration guide!

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