Trying to play 24bit 352.8Hz audio files [Solved]

I have a Macbook Pro (early 2013) with OS X El Capitan 10.11.5 and plenty of memory. I’m using Roon software running through a MSB Analog DAC and a high-end stereo system. I’m try to play a downloaded 24bit 352.8Hz FLAC audio file and Roon is converting it to 176.4Hz. Why? I thought Roon supported resolutions all the way up to 24 bit 384Hz, as does the MSB Analog DAC.

Appreciate any help you can provide.

– Mark Salkind

How DAC is connected to the MacBook Pro? Can you take a screenshot of the DACs settings in Roon?


It’s connected by a high-quality USB cable, which runs from the MacBook to the MSB Analog DAC. I’ve attached a screenshot of the DAC’s settings in Roon. As you can see, the highest PCM level is 192Hz.

Why do you have Max Sample Rate set to 192.Try setting to disabled

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Thank you! Stupid error on my part. Problem solved.